Wind Denmark

Wind Denmark represents and organizes all interest in regard to wind energy in Denmark. Wind Denmark is present across Denmark with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Silkeborg and Esbjerg, representing more than 3,000 members. All in all, Wind Denmark is the voice of around 34,000 employees and 30,000 wind turbine owners in the Danish wind sector, focusing on matters that affect the wind sector players in Denmark and abroad.

As a member of Wind Denmark, you get access to a number of membership services, benefits and offers that contribute to building and strengthening your business or the role as wind turbine owner. These are amongst others: 

  • Networking events and conferences exclusive to members
  • Representation of interest in both Denmark and the European Union
  • Megavind – formulating recommendations and strategies for R&D
  • Detailed consultancy on matters related to ownership of wind turbines
  • Updates from the industry, news on political initiatives, business development and more
  • Discounts on market reports, research reports and access to industry databases
  • Dedicated networks, working groups and cross-industrial development programs