DWEA - Husum Wind 2017

Export promotion 12.09.2017-15.09.2017

Contact Søren Rasmussen (see below) if you are interested in participating


Short about the event:

Germany is still one of the most important wind markets, not only in Europe, but worldwide.

Husum Wind is at the same time one of the most traditional wind fairs and meeting place for the wind industry in Germany and their surrounding neighbours.

Here you will still meet technicians, turbine owners and industry leaders, who all meet up to be part of this classic wind event in Northern Germany. An event with high focus on the technical aspect of the industry. 

Pavilion of Denmark will be available for this event, so use the opportunity to be part of it. The Pavilion will have a central location at the venue creating maximum attention and visitor flow to the participants of the pavilion.  

Why Participate?

- 17.000 visitors and 600 exhibitors gathered close to Denmark

- An unique possibility to show your products & services to the engineers and end-users

- HUSUM Wind is known for its strong connection with practical operations and is characterized by a flow of hands-on, commercial and technical visitors. 

You can find more information in our invitation brochure

The meeting room has now been given free, so you can the reservations you want) - send a mail to susanne.toft@dwea.dk


                       Tuesday 12          Wednesday 13

10-10.55                                      Eltronic
11-11-55           Eltronic                Momentum
12-12.55                                      Momentum
13-13.55           Eltronic                Momentum             
14-14.55                                      ELtronic
15-15.55                                      Momentum
16-16.55                                      Momentum

                        Thursday 14       Friday 15

12-12.55            Momentum

13-13.55            Momentum
14-14.55            Momentum
16-16.55                                      xxxxxxx
17-17.55                                      xxxxxxx                                                                                    



Turn-key exhibition stand:

Budget price 4900 DKK per m2 plus coordination fee per company. Minimum booth size: 9 m2

Poster area nearby the service area, please contact DWEA

Turnkey solution includes:

- 1 table
- 3 chairs
- 1 brochure rack
- carpet
- light
- electricity
- WiFi
- Cleaning
- Events at the pavilion 
- Serving during the exhibition
- Assistance before, during and after 



Participating companies

There are 30 participating companies.
Participating companies

This activity has been held.

Søren Rasmussen


Tlf. +45 40 22 03 11

Susanne Toft


Tlf. +45 60 20 85 58