DWEA - Wind Expo 2016

Export promotion 02.03.2016-04.03.2016

SOLD OUT (sorry we do not have any more free space at the pavilion)

80000 visitors are expected

Japan’s largest wind event and part of the World Smart Energy Week 2016. Focus areas seen are installation services, operation and maintenance, field research, testing (lightning etc) project development and components/equipment.

With major offshore projects currently taking place in Japan, offshore related exhibits are a natural highlight as well. Join this event on a market where the orders starts to kick.

The Market:

The Japanese market has a long term potential for wind energy at the home market as well as large players with international ambitions.

Lucrative feed-in-tariffs are in place, however the market faces a grid which suffers from a serie of weaknesses. These are some of the reasons for Japan experiencing significantly higher energy prices than most developed economies, and it is a central part of the Japanese government’s energy policy to reform the nation’s electricity sector and to reduce energy costs by introducing competition.  The path to reform is not without its challenges however the signals are clear and present opportunities for new entrants.

WIND EXPO is part of the World Smart Energy Week 2016 with an estimated 1,950 exhibitors, 80.000 visitors and 15.000 conference attendees, the Wind Power part expects more than 200 exhibitors.

Visitor profile; Turbine manufacturers, O&M companies, wind farm operators, developers and installation/construction related companies.

The Pavilion:
Danish Wind Export Association is offering a turnkey solution for the Danish Pavilion at the Wind Expo 2016 in Tokyo

We have allocated 81 Sqm prime location space for a Danish Pavilion. The Pavilion will be build up offering 2 solutions.

Solution 1: Booth space – Booth size per individual request.

Solution 2: Poster at a joint area in connection with the info area (max 3 participating companies) 

It will not be possible to build up individual at the pavilion, as space are limited.               




Turnkey booth: 5.300 Dkr. / Sqm – after grant

Poster: 35.000 Dkr – after grant (limited no of posters available – 3 companies)

Coordination fee: 4.900 Dkr. Per member company / 9.800 Dkr. For non-members.

(Members are member of Danish Wind Industry Association or Danish Export Association)

Deadline for sign up 13. November.

Prices without grant 7.500 Dkr. / Sqm or 45.000 Dkr. / Poster + coordination fees.

Minimum 5 companies (approved) are required for making a pavilion with grant from the Trade Counsel

Go to signup - > Skip & go to signup - > fil out the form. Please remember to write number of Sqm in the form or write poster in remarks.For sign up, please go to



Participating companies

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Participating companies

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