DWEA - WindEnergy Hamburg 2018

Export promotion 25.09.2018-28.09.2018

SOLD OUT (sorry we do not have any more free space at the pavilion)

The largest wind event! Be part of this event with more than +1400 exhibitors and 35.000 visitors in Hamburg. Again Pavilion of Denmark will fill up Hall B1 E.G offering the participants a strategic good location for the show. At the Pavilion of Denmark we are offering a wide range of services during the show which the 90 Danish exhibitors at the Pavilion will profit from. Don’t wait too long if you want to join, 70% space is sold (May 2017) 

READ THE CLOSING SHOW REPORT from WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 here



DWEA  offers a full service pack for exhibitors at the Pavilion of Denmark for the WindEnergy Fair in Hamburg. The full service pack consist of:

  • Floor Space at the Pavilion of Denmark in hall ?
  • Booth build in Expo System        
  • Building / dismantling of your booth
  • Media Pack Fee
  • Advocacy Fee
  • Auma Fee
  • Spotlight,
  • Carpet,                                                                                    
  • 1 brochure rack,
  • 1 table (high or low by your choice),                
  • 3 chairs (high or low by your choice),
  • power & power socket for use of Pc and phones,                 
  • Wifi                                              
  • Cleaning,                                                                                 
  • Waste removal
  • Assistance in applying for export subsidiaries  
  • Service technician available during the show,
  • Access to meeting room at a favorable price  
  • Joint promotion of the pavilion
  • Events at the pavilion during the show                                   
  • Bar and Lounge area staffed by DWEA
  • Lounge area with food service for exhibitors and your invited guests (paid service),
  • Bar area with free use of refreshments for exhibitors and your invited guests
  • Exhibitor meeting approx.3 months before the event


  • Design and print of posters for the Expo System
  • Transport, handling, unpacking/packing and storage of exhibitors own goods before, during and after the the show (can be ordered via our standbuilder.


BUDGET Price: 5.000 DKR/ Per Sqm ( minimum 9 Sqm) for the full service pack

Plus Coordination fee per registered exhibitor 4.900 DKR



If you want exhibit at the Pavilion of Denmark but want to use your own booth equipment, then please contact us.


Hamburg, Germany

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Participating companies

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