EWEA Paris 2015

Export promotion 17.11.2015-20.11.2015

Europe's premier wind energy event

EWEA 2015 Annual Event will take place in Paris two weeks before world leaders meet to discuss climate negotiations at the UN Summit in the French capital.

Occurring once a year in a major European city, the EWEA Annual Event is a major showcase for Europe and the world’s widest array of wind industry actors. The conference programme features hundreds of high-quality presentations covering the length and breadth of the wind energy sector, so that participants can learn about the latest technology trends and find out about the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. Attracting thousands of wind energy professionals every year, the exhibition provides the ideal international platform to show case products and services.

Expectations are +8000 attendees from more than 75 countries

The Market:

The European wind market is still a big driver on the international wind scene and France, where this year’s EWEA annual event takes place, is one of the wind markets in Europe which over the next 10 years will have a positive development on onshore as well as on offshore wind.

According to MAKE the growth in France will go from 8,1 GW grid connected capacity in 2013 to 20 GW grid connected capacity in 2023,  which ranks France as the 4th largest country in Europe, after Germany, UK and Turkey when it comes to new installed capacity until 2023.

Interesting for the French market is also that they will kick off their offshore development in this period, with an expected capacity of 2,4 – 3,4 GW installed and online by 2023.

The Pavilion:

The Pavilion of Denmark will be located in the center of the venue with main aisle surrounding the pavilion creating maximum attention and visitor flow.

At the pavilion, there is a great experience exchange between participants, and you can participate in the events that we are making such as a reception. We take care of built-up, break down, carpets, electricity, light, carpets, furniture, walls and internet. We do also have staff at all time at the joint info area, where we are ready to service you and your guests during the event. We also make sure that the Danish presence is marketed before and during the event.


We offer group booking at a central placed hotel in Paris.




Turn-key exhibition stand:
Budget price 6300 DKK/per square metre

Fixed co-ordination fee per company:
DKK 4,900 for members of Danish Export Association - DWEG and/or Danish Wind Industry Association.
DKK 9,800 for non-members.

Minimum Space 9 m2 







Participating companies

There are 14 participating companies.
Participating companies

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