Windpower 2016

Export promotion 23.05.2016-26.05.2016

The Pavilion is sold out. Contact Søren Rasmussen for your possibilities. See contact details below

Expectations for the US market in 2016 are high and Windpower® is a must be for companies with operations in the US or plans for starting up. In addition to the 14 GW under construction a growing market for O&M is developing. With AWEA’s expectations of 8000 attendees and 540 exhibitors it is still the main wind event in the US.

Further information see our invitation




DWEA  offers a full service pack for exhibitors at the Pavilion of Denmark. The full service pack consist of:

  • Floor Space at the Pavilion of Denmark
  • Booth build in Expo System        
  • Building / dismantling of your booth
  • Spotlight
  • Carpet                                                                                   
  • 1 brochure rack,
  • 1 table (high or low by your choice)               
  • 3 chairs (high or low by your choice)
  • power & power socket for use of Pc and phones,                 
  • Wifi                                              
  • Cleaning,                                                                                 
  • Waste removal
  • Service technician available during the show, 
  • Joint promotion of the pavilion
  • Events at the pavilion during the show                                   
  • Lounge area with food service for exhibitors and your invited guests (paid service),
  • Bar area with free use of refreshments for exhibitors and your invited guests
  • Exhibitor meeting approx.3 months before the event


  • Design and print of posters for the Expo System
  • Transport, handling, unpacking/packing and storage of exhibitors own goods before, during and after the the show (can be ordered via our standbuilder.


BUDGET PRICE 7000 DKK/ Per Sqm ( minimum 9 Sqm) for the full service pack
(price may rise in case of considerable increase in the exchange rate)

Fixed co-ordination fee per company:

DKK 4,900 for members of Danish Export Association - DWEG and/or Danish Wind Industry Association.
DKK 9,800 for non-members.

Remember it is mandatory to be a member of AWEA.


New Orleans, Louisianna

Participating companies

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Participating companies

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Søren Rasmussen

Tlf. +45 40 22 03 11